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Sixties Love Logo


The VW flower-painted hippy Love Van!

Groovy Dreams mural

Summer of Love signpost

Remember the Lava Lamp?

"If you remember the '60s, you weren't there!"

So said Robin Williams. "The Sixties" were a thrilling, exciting, tumultuous time of radical social and technological changes taking place at a breakneck, chaotic pace. They were jam-packed with thrills and excitement, war and peace marches, new music styles, flower power and love, and astronauts landing on the moon. They saw the emergence of the counterculture and social revolutions sparked by young people rebelling against the prevailing status quos of society, as expressed by the Summer of Love in San Francisco in 1967, and the Woodstock Festival in upstate New York in 1969. Many of us had “hippie haven” rooms with shag carpeting, bean bag chairs, lava lamps, incense burners, scented candles, black lights, posters, beads for curtains or doorways, macramé plant hangers and love beads. And who could ever forget that wonderful music? Hot bands were forming by the dozens. Rock n' Roll was here to stay, and there was serious fun to be had. And the good times? They were abundant, and the summer days lasted forever. There will never be another decade like that one; all the diversity, conflicts, hope and despair, harmony and discord, anger and joy, festivals and clashes, the music, the dance crazes, rise of the youth culture, and also all the great fun that characterized these years.

If we could do it all again, would we? You bet!

Hippy Doggie ready to party!

Real genuine '60s LOVE Beads

Flower mural in psychadelic color

Tie-dye T-Sirts





Do you remember the laid-back times and easygoing lifestyle of the '70s, when love was free and peace was a sign of the times? '70s fashion styles were the ultimate in groovy! Non-traditional clothing became the rage, including bellbottom pants, hip huggers, colorful patches, hot pants, platform shoes,  earth shoes, clogs, T-shirts, and gypsy dresses. Bell-bottomed pants were combined with turtle necked shirts and flower-prints to form the characteristic '70s look. Leisure suits for men became commonplace, and women were fashionable in everything from ankle-length grandmother dresses to hot pants and micro-miniskirts. There were many fads in the 1970's. Mood rings, lava lamps, Sea Monkeys, smiley face stickers, string art, and pet rocks all captured the imagination of America during this decade. There was no shortage of great love songs in the '70s. It was a great time to fall in love and be in love. "Saturday Night Fever" single-handedly kicked off disco mania with it’s release in 1977. The mere mention of disco evokes fond memories of leisure suits, Studio 54, the Hustle and glimmering disco balls. For many fans, the disco ball still turns! We talked about things that "blew our minds," people were told not to "freak out," or maybe to "get our act together!" "Far out, man," “Can you dig it?" and “keep on truckin’" were popular phrases. Those who lived through the 70s remember it as a wonderful celebration of peace following a decade of war, chaos and turmoil. It was a time to smile, a happy time to “get your groove on” and just savor and enjoy all the great things that life had to offer.







The 1980s brought us MTV, Rubik's Cube, "Baby on Board" signs, Trivial Pursuit and the fitness craze. Cable television took off big time and the three major networks lost their monopoly on the American viewer, while MTV, HBO, CNN and Fox became household names. Cinemaplexes spread like wildfire across the country. Millions of Americans began using personal computers, and nerds enjoyed a huge increase in their status as they came to be perceived as gurus and wizards. Video games, aerobics, minivans, and camcorders became a part of our lives. Children collected Smurfs and Cabbage Patch Kids and Garbage Pail Kids and My Little Ponies and Hot Wheels and He-Man action figures. MTV and the compact disc revolutionized the music scene. '80s music was upbeat and characterized by widespread use of synthesizers and keyboards, created by people with big hair and shiny, outrageous outfits. Video dance clubs sprang up everywhere. ‘80s fashions were loud, wild and over-the-top, with flashy clothes, bright colors, creative hairstyles combined with big hair, lots of makeup and stylish fashion accessories. It was “the big hair decade.” The fashion look for women was the power suit with jackets sporting giant football player shoulder pads. For men, open collars and jewelry started to emerge as popular fashion, and upturned collars were considered cool. Acid-washed jeans and jean jackets were popular with men and women alike. Remember how great everything seemed in the eighties? Those years are remembered now by many as a Golden Age, as the time of “Morning in America.”






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